Following on from our recent Sunday Times coverage..

In case you missed our TV Meridian News appearance, you can check it out here. Thank you Meridian!

Piccadilly Circus is described as "a belter" and is made XFM record of the week. They also unleash a parody version called Leicester Square. Er, thanks guys.

We made local TV news bulletins on Monday lunch time and evening. w/c March 25th 

Norm did the Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2 and got away with only a minor Trolling. 

From the Sussex Express: "I am not going to pretend in some kind of sycophantic way that The Reform Club is the Beatles reborn. But you know, Always Tomorrow has shades of the fab four...There are moments in the opening track Piccadilly Circus where there is a touch of genius...Always Tomorrow is rather good." 

From Viva Lewes: "Always Tomorrow" is a surprisingly competent affair. A rick brew of rock, pop and blues, the compositional talent of Baker and co-writer Mike Phipps are displayed to full effect, with songs such as Piccadilly Circus revealing the pair to possess an astute ear for melody. But perhaps the biggest revelation is Baker's vocals which, at times, reminiscent of Kinks icon Ray Davies, retain a sense of optimism refreshingly unwearied after so many years in Whitehall. 

A brief mention in the Telegraph, here.

And the London Metro.

One from the Guardian. Quite sarky but very funny. 

We have done a load of radio this week, well Chris has, along with Yes Minister, obviously.  

And we made the NME. . 

Loads of local press as well as the Watford Observer. 

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