Are your debts the first thing you think about when you wake up and the last thing on your mind before you fall asleep? Are you constantly worried about paying your bills and debt payments?

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Learn more about your debt situation and how to deal with your debt problems?

Find the right debt solution for your own individual circumstances to get out of debt and give you peace of mind?

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The internet can give you answers to your debt questions, and help anyone looking to escape the debt trap and get their finances into a more manageable state to do so. No matter how you got into debt, whether through insurance let-downs or other means, help is out there. Cheap temporary quotes may be available for consolidation loans and can be arranged quickly, sometimes one day insurance is available.

Being in debt is stressful. But it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a long chain of mostly uncontrollable events over which you have little control.

Relationships can be put under strain and the simple things in life become difficult. Often the easiest thing is to try and ignore the problem, but the pile of unopened letters just gets bigger, and the problem never goes away on its own.

There are many causes of debt and different types of debt. The information you will find here will help you understand more about them.

Types Of Debt

If you are in debt or about to borrow money or get finance, you need to understand the difference between secured and unsecured debt

Generally there are two types of debt – secured debt and unsecured.

Secured debt means the creditor (company or person) you owe money to has the legal right to repossess the goods or property that the loan is secured against. Examples of secured debts are mortgages, secured loans on property or Hire Purchase (HP) normally found on vehicles.

Unsecured debts are not secured to anything and therefore the creditor does not have the automatic right to repossess any goods, even if you are struggling to repay the money that you owe. Examples of unsecured debts are credit cards, loans, storecards, catalogues, overdrafts, income tax bills, and so on.